Algorithmic soundscape composition

The implementation of audio installations in public spaces, museums and other cultural institutions is found more frequently in the recent years - often as a means of supporting a communicative context as well as enhancing the audiovisual experience. The newly renovated greenhouses at the botanical garden in Aarhus, Denmark, contacted Centre for Advanced Visualization and Interaction, CAVI, early in the year 2014 in order to implement an immersive soundscape to support the different representations of natural environments spread across different geographical climates at the greenhouses. The initial stages involved developing a soundscape prototype which could meet the expectations of the manager and other representatives from the Science Museums at Aarhus University. As part of the development team at CAVI, I created the initial sound design and algorithmic composition. My approach is based on the acoustic ecological field of interest as well as an explorative approach to the technical possibilities in regards to the generative aspects of the soundscape composition. This thesis is a documentation, analysis, and discussion of the prototype development and implementation at the greenhouses. The theoretical foundation behind the aesthetic and technical aspects of the soundscape prototype will be described as a starting point and later on it will serve as the basis for a theoretical project analysis.

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(Summer 2014)

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