Punish Panda

Burnt Flamingo, DADIU, Graduation Game Production

Audio Designer on the award-winning DADIU-production, Punish Panda. Punish Panda is a side-viewed puzzle platformer, where you have to kill pandas. There can be between 1-4 pandas in a chamber. You have to guide the pandas through mazes of deathtraps to commit perfect panda kills before they escape. When all pandas in a level are killed, the chamber is cleared. Each level has one or more 'perfect' kill traps that will help you achieve a higher score. The perfect kill traps are prompted in the beginning of each level, so you get a clue of how to complete the level to perfection. You can also improve your score with combo kills, where 2 or more pandas are killed at the same time. Punish Panda won the Spilprisen 2014 in the Showcase category.

(Winter 2013)