Binaural Field Recordings

Recordings made with binaural microphones

What is binaural sound?

Binaural sound is achieved through a pair of small microphones put in each ear - similar to a pair of in-ear headphones. The microphones then record the sounds that hit the ear including the tiny time differences that occur as a result of the physical shape of the ear and body. When we listen to a binaural recording with headphones*, these small time differences enable us to perceive the spatial characteristics and three-dimensional position of the sound from the original recording.

*It is important to use headphones to get the binaural effect - through a pair of speakers, these recordings will be perceived as normal stereo recordings.

Field Recording #1
Position: 55°43'05.8"N 12°35'24.3"E
Time & date: 03:05 PM - 03:40 PM, January 5, 2015