Untitled #1 - 6 noise rooms

A generative quadrophonic soundscape

Concrete sounds from 6 urban spaces manipulated and transformed in real time through a computer program. The piece is realized as an installation consisting of one computer, a quadrophonic speaker system, and a projector.

Untitled #1 consists of a generative computer program that composes soundscapes algorithmically in real time. The program has been created with the purpose of exploring collections of concrete sounds from 6 urban spaces in Denmark. The sounds are transformed and manipulated over time, and will perceptually distance themselves from their origin source. At times the soundscapes will become abstract thus the listener will be able to move his focus from causal references towards the inner complexity of the sound waves.

A graphic flocking simulation is used as a foundation for the system and the progress of the sounds. In this piece the 'flock' is also used as a metaphor for densely populated areas, which attract human beings despite noise and chaos. The more agents joining the flock, the more noise.

The software is based on Max 7 (Cycling '74) and Simon Fraser's implementation of the boids-algorithm (flock simulation, originally developed by Craig Reynolds).

Granular synth based on boids algorithm - flocking simulator used in jurassic park #granular #synth #max7

En video slået op af Kasper Fangel Skov (@kasperskov) den

The piece was created as part of release #41 of the cultural journal KULTURO exploring 'noise' as a phenomenon. The event took place at Mayhem (concert venue) in Copenhagen, Denmark.

For more info visit the event page.

(Spring 2016)